Los Angeles Diversity Council Mission & Vision


Enhance appreciation for and understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion.

We will achieve success through the efforts and activities which:

  • Advance corporate leadership education/awareness of the varied dimensions of diversity
  • Commit leaders to discuss issues and challenge attitudes, and promote organizational changes that support diversity
  • Promote outreach efforts to our youth to inspire mutual respect and understanding


Help organizations better serve the Los Angeles community by providing diversity & inclusion thought leadership, best practices, evidence-based measurement and connection.

Council Aspirations

  • To be continuous learners
  • To ensure we are working toward becoming D&I subject matter experts
    in order to accomplish our vision
  • To be diverse within the Council itself
  • To become a resource to others – a “one stop D&I resource stop”
  • To define the message around D&I for the region
  • To help facilitate awareness around D&I for all companies coming into Greater Los Angeles
  • To influence HR & Recruitment providing education on recruitment and customer centricity (mirroring the community in which we do business), reducing the biases around the concept of “fit”
  • To be a community of people…

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